Scrapbook Play Font Downloads


SS Play font


Download these cool---and free!---handwriting fonts by Katie Haddox and Mi'Chele Larson to use on your pages today.


Download SS Fun font by Katie Haddox here.

Download SS Play font by Mi'Chele Larson here.

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Super cool fonts! Thanks! :)
These fonts are so cute. I can't wait to use them!
Thanks! So much fun!
Love your SS Play Font!
Cute font; thanks!
hi, i'm katie haddox
you can get it on my blog:
Katie Haddox's font
So where is Katie's real font???
How to download fonts
Go to and click on "how to install a font" under the first red box. These instructions worked for me.
trouble with downloading and using
When I click "here" to download the font, I am asked to save or open. Either one then just gives me a page with a sample of the font. How do I run the download so I can use it in word and other programs?
Thanks for the fonts
It's always fun to find new fonts to use.
hi, i'm katie haddox
i designed one of the fonts, and neither of the ones shown are mine...
I, too, am new to font downloads
How do you use the downloadable fonts?
thanks for the memories
thanks for such a wonderful magazine, i am sorry to see you go, as soon as i 1st discover you..please keep the website up and running!
new to font downloads
How do I use this on a scrapbook page... how does it transfer to the layout???


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