Easy Digi Photo Collages

by Megan Hoeppner
Easy Digi Photo Collages

To make a digital photo collage, you'll need digital images, photo editing software (these instructions are written for Photoshop Elements, but they should be universal enough that you can apply the idea to your software of choice), and a computer. If you want precise collage measurements, you'll also want to have a pencil, a ruler, and a piece of copy paper on hand. With these items ready to go, you can create a collage in 5 easy steps:


1. With the assortment of photos you want to use in mind, sketch out a drawing of your collage, marking the measurements of each photo.


2. Open the digi photos in your editing software, and resize them to match the measurements on your sketch. For best printing results, save each image at 300 dpi.


3. Open a new document (select file/new/blank document), size it to the size of your entire collage sketch (ex. 8 ½ x 11), and save the file at 300 dpi.


4. Drag and drop your resized images (open and sized along the bottom of your screen) into your newly saved file, positioning your images as you have on your sketch. Note: Each time you add an image to your base file, you're adding a layer. If a picture is beneath another image and you would rather have it overlap, use your mouse and drag that photo layer (in the bottom right corner) above the layer of the photo you want to overlap.


5. Once all of your images are positioned the way you'd like them, save your file as a .jpg. Note: This will save your image as a flat file (meaning you can no longer edit it by layers), so you may want to first save the file as a PSE doc so that you can go back in and manipulate/edit it.


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