One Photo or Many?

by Karen Glenn


Example 4

8½ x 11 page by Karen Glenn, Orem, UT

8½ x 11 page by Karen Glenn, Orem, UT


In the previous examples, changing the number of photos simply altered the perspective on my topics. With this example, changing the number of photos actually shifts my topic completely

At last year’s extended family picnic, I shot dozens of photos of my siblings and their children. So many, in fact, that scrapbooking them all would be nearly impossible. I decided instead to create one multi-photo page about each family and to use the rest of the pictures in other ways. This multi-photo sample features pictures of my brother Steve, his wife, and their two children; it’s a quick snapshot of their family right now. My single-photo layout mentions nothing about the picnic but instead documents what I admire about my grown brother.

As you peruse all the great shots you take this summer, remember that there’s no right or wrong way to scrapbook them. It’s all about what works for you and what story you want to tell.

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